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Originally Posted by kronan View Post
Hyperone, dont think I'm wrong.

I think you've been in a different situation.

e.g. MEM- ABC (8+01 layover) DH to MEM. Late out of Memphis so trip has to be revised to a legal rest, MEM-ABC (revised to a later DH to get at least 8 hour layover) DH to MEM

In that situation, you don't get punished with a lower bank since still DH'ing out of the same city.

Could also see the company argue that it's a change to a DH not a cancellation and the "bank monies remain intact" by you getting the higher of the bank.
Don't think he was contradicting this. You get the HIGHER of the banks. I've got personal experience on this. Back end deadhead from HKG gets revised to operate NRT then deadhead. You keep the higher bank of the two - in my case the HKG money. It's on the CBA as was quoted to me by Travel Expense audit folks but don't remember where.
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