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Until recently, I was Chief Instructor at a Part 141 flight school training Indian students. It was very interesting meeting them and learning a little about their culture. They were tough to work with; usually late and unprepared for their lessons. In general, they seemed to prefer always looking for a short-cut instead of focusing on doing what is necessary to meet standards.

One day the CEO called me in. He told me that some of the Indians were "terrified" to fly a stage check or End-of-Course test with me due to my high standards. I replied, they should be terrified to fly an airplane on their own right now.l These students seemed to have no fear of the possible consequences of mistakes and poor decision-making in aviation. They seemed to feel that becoming a pilot was simply a matter of someone handing them a certificate and a uniform to wear, but that no study or practice was required.

Before furlough, I flew with two Indian captains. Both were strong , professional pilots.
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