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Originally Posted by Timbo View Post
That won't completely stop it, right now you don't need to do that. All you need to do is find a Buddy who's got some days off when you have a trip, then "Park" your trip on his line while you white slip something from open time, then after you get the white slip, you "unpark" your previous trip back onto your line, presto, you now have a super high time line. Of course some poor schmuck junior to you with a 67 hr. line didn't get the white slip you took by parking your other trip, but screw him, that's what he gets for being Junior, right?

I say, to fix it, do not allow a trip that's been swapped (parked), to be swapped back. ie. one and done, no double swapping.

BUT...on my last trip, BOTH F/O's were very ****ed off that DALPA was even considering stopping this, so there you go. Now, I would prefer to fly 75 every month and be home the rest of my days, but in my category, due to the trip mix (long, high time trips, no short 5-10hr. filler type trips), it is nearly impossible to get a 75 hr. line, or even an 80 or 70, it's either very high (not allowed unless you use parking) or very low, in my case 67 last month and 68 in June. There is only one trip in the bid package worth 5:15 and one worth 10:30, and they never seem to come into open time.

If you are at 67 and want to get to 75, good luck! Once in a while a 23, 25, 30, 32, even 38 hr. trips come open but guess what, "you can't touch that" if you are at 67, unless you use parking.

So, it is what it is, I don't do it, I don't like it, but on the other hand, I think the bidding window needs to be opened depending on trip mix, to allow a bidder to get something more than 67. Of course that means less lines and more guys stuck on reserve. I'm against it but I'm too lazy to use it anyway, I'd rather be sailing.
All good points.

I wonder who are the people who are allowing trips to be parked on their line and why would you hamper yourself like that?

And I'm sure those that do park couldn't see or care the staffing consequences of trip parking.
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