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Jet7 - Are you getting any multi-time at the flight school you're working at? With over 1000 TT and only 50 Multi, it doesn't sound like it. You can be friggen Superman and not be offered a seat virtually anywhere in the 121/135 world because of low multi-time. Even a bachelor's degree will be meaningless. Not having one can be overlooked to get on with a carrier. It's not on the insurance policy minimums. Multi-time minimums ARE. How do I know? I'm an honors grad from an aviation university with very low multi-time and I can't get anyone to respond to my resume unless I hand it to them face-to-face. Is a Bachelor's important? Hell yes, but don't neglect your multi-time. I've had to fight for every hour I've logged.
Believe it or not I have avoided working at the local flight schools. The pay and hours are terrible. Instead, I have been flying for a Cessna dealer in Arlington, Texas. My flights/trips are all single pilot IFR and most of them go between 300-1200 nm. Currently, I am 1400+ TT, 870 cross country (>50), 100 actual IMC, and 84 Multi. My hope is to stand out from all of the flight school CFIs who seemingly build most of their time in the local traffic patterns with 152/172s.

Unfortunately, Cessna no longer makes light piston twins, therefore, I don't fly them on these trips. I have been able to tag along on several Baron and 310 flights and that is how the majority of my multi time has been gained.

I have talked with Martinare and GTA, however they are unwilling to train me because I have to return to school in the fall. It does seem impossible to do 135 and school at the same time.
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