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Open Letter to Pat Gannon (Local 357 ExCo Chair):


I’ve tried to stay out of this but can no longer. You have repeatedly taken the position of “honesty” and “truth.”

I am politely and professionally requesting that your messages to the pilots be truthful and factual. You have made several statements to your members that simply are not true (surprise, your members send your communications to us). I am not accusing you of lying, it’s entirely possible you simply misunderstood or you are misinformed. Please verify your facts before claiming them as such.

1- We did NOT say we had “no interest” in our committees working together.
2- We did NOT tell IBT (or anyone else) that we wanted you or the ExCo out of leadership under the RPC – quite the opposite.
3- We HAVE tried and HAVE had discussions on how to come together – but the “together” has been IBT way or the highway
4- We have NOT said your negotiations should be put on hold – we have said the opposite
5- We have NOT said everything smaller than an Airbus should be outsourced.
6- CHT CBA Representation, dues and contract would NOT be controlled by FAPA under the RPC
7- You have NOT offered us guaranteed positions or 357 representation on a Transitional Executive Council
8- RAH is/has NOT attempted to “whipsaw” the groups by offering your 2003 E190 rates to us.

These are only some of the statements you have made that are simply not true. There is a difference between campaign “spin” and false claims, if you truly want to unite the groups and win over Frontier pilots I suggest you learn the difference.

Feel free (in fact I encourage you to) share this email with your members, on APC or anywhere else.

-Scott Gould

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