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Is this the same Scott Gould, VP of FAPA that said in an email exchange with Jerry Glass, as can be found under revised FAPA Exhibit 18 in the SLI proceedings:

"So if our CBA said that anyone we merge with gets stapled to the bottom the arbitrator is bound by that?!" (FAPA Ex. 18)

followed later by:

"So we're putting a wall (fence) up to prevent them from flying our airplanes as opposed to a floor (staple)- aren't we just talking semantics now? I don't see how they're realistically all that different." (FAPA Ex. 18)

It is interesting how tone changes. But, interestingly, the former FAPA President (JS- since he was not named the previous post) does say the following:

"In reading the IBT's CBA I can't find any language that does anything but force all parties into Integration talks under the LPP's guidance." (FAPA Ex. 18)

I bring all this up, because the people who are now yelling Unity, have filed a lawsuit (pending- naming me personally) and made a failed motion to reconsider with the NMB for Single Carrier Status- and this is all after the Eischen Award.

Once again, using logic and not emotion, how would RPC be completely opposite of past and ongoing events perpetrated by the same individuals- during the same time frame? Something smells very famliar.

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