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And you are happy with everything FAPA (RPC) has done for you? They sold your scope away not just in LOA 39 but previously with mesa, Republic, and Lynx. They signed a LOA with vauge terms and language that included the line that throws the whole LOA and contract out if the price of gas changes. They also demanded an integration of 3 Southwest Pilots to 1 F9 pilot and refused to negotiate with SWAPA, thus forcing Southwest to withdraw their bid. All the while the leadership was getting paid any where from $20,000 to $35,000 from the pilots on top of their pay from the airline. They are truely no different than Gene Sowell.
1. I have NEVER heard a complaint here about LOA 39. I'm not even sure what it is, but I've definitely noticed that it's a big deal at RAH. That's how much we care about that one.

2. You're lying about the LOA getting thrown out if the price of gas changes. If I'm wrong on this, please prove it.

3. You're misinformed (or lying) about the 3:1 with Southwest. Southwest refused to consider anything but a staple. We wanted some kind of ratio. The SWA time constraints were totally unworkable. Given a month or two, we might have worked that out, but you can't blame that on FAPA.

4. I think our FAPA leadership is a bargain at that price. They make less than I do (that money equates to only 20 hours a month on top of what the company pays them), and I'm very grateful that we have people willing to miss out on flying the line in order to serve the greater good.

Can you come up with anything more substantive? I've been through 3 airlines, 3 unions, and 2 bankruptcies. Frontier and FAPA outshine anything I've experienced in my career so far. Ask just about any Frontier pilot about it and they'll tell you the same.

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Then nothing said by the ibt can be believed. If you are happy with what the ibt has got for you then vote for them. If not and you would like more vote for rpc. That's what it comes down to!
Bingo! Compare your level of satisfaction with that of the average Frontier pilot (or bottom 10th percentile for that matter) and ask yourself who is more satisfied with their representation.
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