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I use GoodReader, it's great. I really like its Dropbox syncing feature where you can set it up to periodically sync an entire directory to/from Dropbox. I use this for keeping all my records and flying publications in sync. I just got iAnnotate and a stylus because I want to use it for marking documents.

Regarding the Netflix workaround and getting access to your home PC a VPN is the best way to go. You can either pay for one and make your own with your home PC and internet connection. It takes a bit of work to setup and will probably be slower, but it's free and you can trust it because you made it and you own it... The VPN will tunnel all your iPad traffic to your home network so Netflix will simply think you are using their site from your home.

I setup a home VPN with a custom gateway with linux on it, but you can get Windows to do the same. If the following seems like gibberish then I'd just pay for Witopia and GoToMyPC. It'll be less of a headache for a minor cost.

1) I found a quick Win 7 PPTP VPN server tutorial here:
Setup a VPN – PPTP Host On Your Home Windows 7 PC [How-To]

2) You'll want to setup port forwarding on your router (if you have one) in order to allow the VPN connection from your iPad to reach your Windows box. There are tons of tutorials out there for each model of router. In particular you'll want to forward port 1723 for the PPTP connection

3) Then you need to find your external IP adress. The one the outside world sees and the one your iPad will need for its VPN connection setup. The following website will identify this IP address...
GetIP :: Detecting Your IP Address ::

4) The problem with using an the above IP is it can change depending on your ISP, so you might want to use dynamic dns instead. This will allow you to connect to your PC with an address that doesn't change like "" rather than a IP like "". There are numerous groups that provide dynamic dns for free, here's one...
No-IP Free - Free Dynamic DNS - DDNS

5) Then you'll have to setup your iPad to connect to it:
Setup VPN pptp on iPad |

6) For remote access to your PC you can setup MS Remote Desktop or install a VNC server on it:
TightVNC: VNC-Compatible Free Remote Control / Remote Desktop Software
Then use an iPad app to connect to your PC's VNC server like Mocha VNC or iSSH, etc...

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