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I'm in corporate aviation, an odd corner but there. Websites might give you an idea what's going, what's being offered, but there is NO substitute for knocking on the doors of departments in the area you are interested in and networking by getting known for being a good worker and pilot. And, do not forget, for most corporate operators, the most important criteria is, "can we go out on a seven day trip with this person and trust him while having a good time.". Sounds silly, but it is not the airlines and I've done both.

A lot of trips will have days off with only the two of you, can you still be a good traveler on the 3rd day in the hotel or will you be swinging from the chandeliers? Can you be trusted with the right answers and actions after an all night flight landing in a foreign country with no radar? When the boss is two hours late, can you roll with the punches or get all in knots?

We have a ops manual and very comprehensive rules, we follow them precisely, but still have to accommodate the last minute deals.

Most operators need to see turbine PIC time, but don't let that stop you from visiting. It can be more fun than a human should be allowed (I mostly love my job, where else can I get 5 days in the South Pacific or a safari for two days in South Africa, PAID), or it can be a pain.

There are overseas jobs, but unless you know the operator, I'd be very careful. There are US operators hiring, sales are slowly picking up.

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