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ok, I expected this but I was hoping to get answers HOW guys did it. not non-certified counselors answers telling me to find a diffferent career? i'm not some kid here....i got quality time just like alot of others here and am looking for the next option.

Yes i prefer daytime. everyone does when it comes to family. But, if it can work on the FDX schedule...i'm asking how YOU made it work.

dont tell me to find another career because someone out there might be having an incredibly horrible time making it work and its too late becuase hes already IN the job....and the informaiton might really help them somehow. I never run into any FedEX guys in my jumpseats or in the how else can i ask more than just the one guy i know? things work out different for everyone.

I'm no stranger to night shift work. If there is a preference in a dream schedule...of course anyone would prefer THAT. but guess what....wherever I or anyone else go it's not always an option. I'm just trying to minimize the impact of the junior schedule on the family If I were to go that route....and many others have and have been successful at it. so do share how you did it. When did you recover the sleep, etc. so you could maximize family time. It's more about trying to find out HOW PEOPLE DID IT instead of getting career counseling from judgemental posters....**** why did i even attempt to LEARN anything from you guys if this is what i'm going to get.

so sorry if its inconvenient to have a family. I apologize for being part of the human condition and to actually have...oh my god...hopes for my family. for some of you family might not have worked at all. for others it has....well...where it has for tell how. for those that it does not?....tell why it didnt. so we can all learn.

meXC: thank you for that input it was valuable.
hercdriver130: the econd part of your response was very good. thank you i appreciate that. it's a given but i'm trying to figure out how to maximize that after getting home tired.
hankhill: thank you very much for that. that's exactly the kind of stuff i need to hear. moving it not so much an option positive the commute isnt too bad from where im at.

again, schedule recovery anyone? your own way?
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