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Originally Posted by fecav8r View Post
So what youre saying is that if someone sells back some of his vacation he is a loser and if you go negative in your vacation bank you're a real cool guy. Hank, I like your avatar but you're a real dumba$$. You do realize that if you take an Rday off for every vacation day you can get about 1 and a half hours of vacation buy back. And you still get plenty of time off. And, no. I dont have *****'s around the world and, yes I do have a life.

It's all about choices that you decide to make in this job.

That's a little rough, bottom line is that people selling back vacation means less need for crews on property. No way around that.

It's all about choices as you say but it's a slippery slope, I mean how many guys try to justify flying every day of the month or flying DPs with BS logic. Food for thought.
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