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Originally Posted by rickair7777 View Post
ZED and ID90 are how you non-rev on airlines other than the one(s) you work for. On your own airline, (and their major partner(s) ) you can list yourself using a web page or phone number, it's basically an e-ticket for standby travel. You can do this on the fly, at the last second while you are walking up to the gate.

To non-rev on most other airlines (depending on agreements with your airline), you buy a voucher for a reduced fare standby ticket. The disadvantage is you need some advance notice for the destinations and airline(s) you want to use, and you have a lower standby prior than on your own airline (and affiliated airlines).

ID90: Basically you pay 10% of the full-fare walk-up price. ID95 would be 5% of the regular fare.
ZED: You pay a fare based on the mileage between city-pairs (this is new and is replacing ID90.
However, the ZED is based no Zones, Zonal Employee Discount. I can't remember the zones, but something like 0-599 miles, 600-2000 miles, 2001-4000 miles, ect. They don't add up the mileage in your journey, just look at the distance and see which mileage "zone" it falls into.

LAX to AKL, $215 on a ZED round trip on QA. ID90 was about $550.
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