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The IPA has been very active with this fight. I only hope that ALPA is as involved. You're right, FDX pilots should be demanding action:
Nov 14, 2011
IPA Meets With White House OMB

Representatives of the IPA and former NTSB Chairman Jim Hall met today with officials from the White house Office of Management and Budget. The Association called the meeting to address concerns that cargo industry lobbyists are pressuring the White House to exempt cargo pilots from a pending FAA pilot Flight and Duty Time rewrite.
“It is totally unacceptable to have two standards, two differing safety rules, one for passenger pilots and the other for cargo,” said Chairman Hall. “The IPA has been a consistent and strong voice on this issue,” he added.
IPA President Bob Travis, Negotiation Team Leader Lauri Esposito, and General Counsel Bill Trent joined Hall in meeting with OMB officials at the White House Conference Center.
“Jim provided the OMB with a much needed historical timeline on this issue,” said Travis. “But what we are up against is clear-the very considerable lobbying resources of the cargo industry.”
Esposito, who met with the OMB in August, provided the Office further data refuting cargo operator claims of excessive costs that would flow from the application of the NPRM to the industry.
“Of all the industry operators, cargo carriers are the most financially equipped to comply with any new rule.” Esposito served on the FAA Labor and Industry group recommending the new rules.
Trent explained that while the FAA’s NPRM flows from a congressional mandate, Agency rulemaking is still subject to the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). That law, Trent said, requires the OMB to perform a cost benefit analysis of any proposed new regulation.
“The White House, via the OMB, gets the final say on this proposed FAA Rule,” said Trent. “That’s why we have concentrated our efforts on the OMB throughout this process.”
“It comes down to essentially a political call by the White House and that’s why we are here today,” said Travis. “Cut out or not, we are here today with Chairman Hall to send a clear and strong safety message to the administration on the eve of this important decision.”
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