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Originally Posted by PastV1 View Post
The problem is you (we) don't know what the trade off is.
I'll have to disagree with you here. The problem is that someone with big money (UPS) is pushing for a cargo cutout, and behind closed doors. There is either one level of safety for ALL pilots or there isn't.

There is NO justification for a cargo cutout. NONE. Do cargo pilots somehow not get fatigued in the same manner as passenger pilots? Obviously, just my opinion.

Also, I think we should be very wary of allowing the camel's nose in the tent. If cargo gets different rules on this, why not on any number of things.

Plus, where was UPS during the comment period. They lost that battle so now they want to go behind closed doors and sneak in the back door? And, how is OMB involved in making a determination on safety? Their ONLY purview is costing.

Sorry for the rant, I guess I'm just cranky today. But, we are all pilots flying the same airplanes whether with passengers or cargo. The safety standards should and must be the same for all involved. Again, IMHO
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