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Originally Posted by N2264J View Post
Straw dog argument. Destroying the earth has never been the concern. We are, in
fact, destroying man's habitat.

For every one degree C increase in average global temperature rise, we will see a
10% decrease in crop yields. That's huge. At a 3 degree C average global temperature increase, the US will see breadbasket states like Kansas and Nebraska turning into desert states like Arizona and Nevada. That is going to happen in your grandchildren's lifetime.

Part I
Gwynne Dyer on "Climate Wars: The Fight for Survival as the World Overheats"

Part II
A Debate on Geoengineering: Vandana Shiva vs. Gwynne Dyer
Thank you. When you abandon all science, logic and reason we understand you have lost and will always lose.

When the market collapses for trading carbon credits, the truth is told, and money always tells the truth.

Sociopathic behavior never garners any credit in the real world.
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