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Originally Posted by N2264J View Post
Of course not.

She's speaking metaphorically about unregulated capitalism destroying man's habitat. There are plenty of models and evidence on that.
And of course the Eastern Block Communists were/are so concerned for the environment!?!

Apparently you haven't looked into some of the travesties good old mother Russia has perpetrated on the planet? Toxic rivers, phisile grade plutonium waste mixed into the soil, that little ole nuclear powered ice breaker that cooked off up on the polar sea ice, unfiltered coal fired plants, Chernobyl, the list goes on and on.
Have you ever flown over mainland China in the winter? Every town has a black coal soot plume that extends for miles downwind. The snow is stained grey for miles. I know, I know they still don't put out as much carbon as we do but they are catching up fast and they have absolutely no concern or care for environmental issues. Just like they couldn't give a crap about feeding melamine to infants or building schools with sub standard concrete and killing school children in the subsequent collapses. yeah captialism is way worse than communism!!

If you're smart enough to know better but just don't care about your grandchildren
and everyone else's, that fits the definition of a sociopath.
Cute, the sociopath labeling thing is really taking off here on APC. Mr. Skyhigh implanted a seed in the minds of the unstable it seems.
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