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Originally Posted by todd1200 View Post
Only 97% of climatologists think humans are causing global warming and everybody knows NASA is a bunch of uneducated hippies. Besides, anything that would cause me to questions my firmly held assumptions or alter my behavior, by definition cannot exist. Global warming is another myth cooked up by Spendocrats to keep the boot of the government on the necks of hard-working Americans, just like so-called honey-mustard. The free market always has and always will fix everyone's problems. I still spray my yard with DDT and I haven't seen a bug (or a bird) in decades! I don't care what so-called scientific data says. I knew global warming was a scam the minute I heard about it -- there was ice on my grass when I woke this morning! Where's your global warming now? I'm 100% convinced that I'm 100% correct and anyone who disagrees with me is either a moron or a crook. Nothing anyone says will pierce my veil of self-assurance.
This post is a good illustration of what these people think about those who do not consent to be governed by them.


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