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Disclaimer: Although I filled out an application on Airline APPS prior to separating from AD USN, I went to a full time military job and never interviewed with an airline.

I counted my total pilot time as multiengine time, and all of my AC time as PIC. When I did this, my PIC time was still a lot less than multiengine so it didn't look strange. P-3 crews typically divided the flight time equally in thirds. Your generosity in giving almost all of the pilot time to your 2P and 3P was a lot different from the VP community norm.

A 9 hour flight equals 6 hours multiengine time, 9 hours PIC. For my electronic logbook, I created a separate column labeled "Total Pilot Time" which is different from "Duration". I also added a "Special Crew Time" column. When I filled out applications in the past, I only used TPT to describe my flight time.

I did not include any First Pilot Time after my 2P checkride as PIC because that is more the Part 61 definition "Rated in the airplane, sole manipulator of the flight controls." I think the airlines only care about "directly responsible for, and is the final authority as to, the operation of that aircraft". Whether you're asleep in the crew bunk, or manning the controls, Part 1 definition equates to AC time. So log AC time as PIC.
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