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Default How to get to the regionals with no CFI

I know this thread is going to spark some steam, but I'm looking for advice on how to get to the regionals without instructing. I'm 32 have all my ratings and about 300 hours. I also have a B.S. in Aerospace Eng from Embry-Riddle and a MBA.

Times look really good to get into the airlines, I have looked at Jet University's F/O program with Pinnacle. I would like to hear any thoughts from people who have gone through similar programs.

My short time goal is to get into the regionals build the time and long term goal is to get into one major and stay there until retirement and I believe this is the right time.

I have heard of many low time pilots getting hired by regionals. I do not want this thread to become a debate of why low timers don't belong in the cockpit or that CFI is the only and better way to go, so please save your energy for someone else as I have already read all those other posts.

Please I would like advice from people that are at the regionals or have experience and would appreciate your suggestions on schools and paths to get there.

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