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Like everyone else has implied, you are much better served in the long run by getting the CFI.

However, the current hiring climate is such that airline mins are at an all-time low at the regional level, so it is feasible to get enough hours to get a crappy regional job without instructing (note: you will most likely hate the crappy regional, and quit after a year or two to go to a better one). Here are some ideas as to time building. The current demand for pilots is emptying the CFI ranks, opening up more GA jobs that are usually harder to get. You will need to network bigtime in your local GA community...

- Personal pilot for some rich guy with a high-end recip. This might be a twin or a single, but could pay $30-50K/year with the right guy.
- Banner Tow
- Skydiver Driver
- Right Seat in private usually rules out low-timers, but if the owner is willing to pay a premium, it could happen.
- Pipeline Patrol
- Animal spotting/radio tracking
- Traffic watch
- Repositioning airplanes for a dealer/broker.

Remember, you still need to get the twin time...that will be MUCH harder without an MEI. You could always take out a loan and buy a block, but if you do that keep MASSIVE records of the time, the trips, receipts, everything. It's too easy to fake that kind of time, so employers will be suspicious.
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