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Default Captain Vic Calay - Eastern Airlines

Captain Victor Calay- Retired Eastern Airlines Pilot took his last flight west this morning. Vic was the uncle of my new family and I had heard about him for years before finally meeting him for the first time this past Thanksgiving at the famiy gathering of 75! We immediately bonded and spent many hours talking about his life flying for Eastern Airlines based out of Miami. My fiance's aunt was Vic's wife. She was in charge of training FA's for Delta out of Miami initially. They met in a time when political lexicon was not in anybody's vocabulary and people just wanted to have fun. Them meeting in Miami was a wonderful story of how the airlines grew through the 70's as did their relationship and love. I only knew him for a short time but wish I had known him in his Miami days.
Please feel free to share any stories you know about Vic and his wife as I think he was quite a character.

Feel free to share like stories.....

V/R, Tomcat!

We sat down to dinner before anyone else and were still talking when the dishes were cleared. A good man and A pilot any of us would have liked to been of a 4 day with, one great story after another.

Thanks for the time my friend. TC

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