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Originally Posted by cubguy View Post
Sorry about the loss of your friend.

Being the son of an Eastern pilot I remember as a kid closely witnessing the golden age of our profession.

Like you, I can listen for hours to stories from that era. Pilots in those days were united as a group, stood their ground and loved their company's as well. My how things have changed.

Back then, if pilots from different companies saw each other in a coffee shop, they would sit down and have breakfast together. Today most pilots from our own company won't even make eye contact in the terminal.

Very sad!
Thanks Cub.... I'm sure it's been fun to talk to your old man about flying the line.

Vic had a great career, like most of us, good times and the tough ones. The thing that has kind of hit me is that we will likely just have a small, quiet memorial service for Vic. Made me think about how unique is our profession. We spend over half our lives on the cockpit with one another. Most of our friends and family don't really know that part of us.... They just see us walking out our driveway with our bag and in our uniform, coming back a few days to a week or so later..... occassionally, growing a beard or goatee because we had 10 days off in a row, but the thing they don't think of is that we just came back from working nearly three weeks straight. Most people really have no idea how much time and effort we put into staying current, healthy and thought we put into keeping their loved ones safe. We all have friends spread all over the country and the world, some of whom we stay in contact with all of our days and others we have lost track.

It is a unique profession and even for the furlough, bankruptcy, merger, seeing 9/11 unfold in front of my eyes, the 20 people I knew while on active duty in the Navy that lost their lives, I'm thankful I chose it. The best part of the job has been the people that I've worked with. And the thing I'm most thankful for today is that even at a Thanksgiving dinner with 75 people, I had the chance to sit for a couple of hours with Captain Vic Calay and hear a little about his years at Eastern Airlines.

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