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Tomcat, I'm so sorry to hear about Vic's passing. He truly was one of the good guys. I got to know him down at the old EAL / Pan Am MEC field office on Madiera Avenue in the Gables during the 87' through '89 timeframe. He truly was a gentleman and a great story teller. And what a smile...

The car wash story made me laugh...back then he was driving a Ford Taurus and raved about how much he liked the car...who knew he used to tool around in a Tranny?

He, "Big" Jimmy Robertson (there was a Little Jimmy" too), Bob Tully and some of the other guys were quite a crowd to work with and at the end of the day, tip a few sasparilla's at the MIA Airport Marriott. He also tipped me off to an old bookstore down the street from the office that had tons of old flying books. I found an autographed copy of Dick Merrill's book, "Wings of Man" that is still front and center on my shelf down there thanks to him.

He was at the office with all of us the morning after Clipper went down at Lockerbie...sad and stunning for everyone.

Vic was a true Eastern pilot and a credit to the profession. I'm still in touch with one of the office gals and will pass on the sad news. He will be missed.

Fair winds Vic.
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