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Originally Posted by Timbo View Post
I had heard that 'if you live long enough' thing before, but it was about prostate cancer. So...I guess I am just unfortunate enough to know 5 airline pilots who have all died of brain cancer in their 50's? And it's just a coincidence that they all fly for the same airline? And the incidence of brain cancer in pilots is no different than the general population?

My gut says no. Are there any published numbers that say yes?
I doubt there is any proven relation between pilots and the general population with regard to death rates, my guess is that pilots are on the whole more healthy because of the extensive selection process.

I find it interesting that many people die when engaged in healthy activities such as tennis or running.

You cannot escape your fate by riding to the next village.

My grandmother probably speeded things up a bit by drinking bourbon straight and smoking unfiltered Camels, she was taken early at age 87. Still quite spry, even at that age.

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