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Originally Posted by alphonso1 View Post
Any New News On Kalitta Air Hiring?

Heard thru a friend that a Staffing Meeting was to occur this month with regard to staffing needs, and depending on the outcome of that meeting,
would determine if Resume's would be accepted and interviews would resume in April......

Or things would remain the same...and no resumes would be accepted or interviews be conducted until maybe the 3rd quarter of 2012...

Any Kalitta Air Crewmembers have any intel?

Have Any Pending Contracts been secured?

Any new DOD Opportunities come available?

I many others.....was getting ready for interview in January 2012 when everything just stopped...It was disappointing....but..I'm still holding out hope that the "Window" will reopen...

Any chance of that happening before October 2012?
which airline are you referring to?
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