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Just started here not too long ago, so far I am happy with everything. Expect to work pretty hard on your tours for the most part. I have been averaging almost 40 hours on a 7 day tour so far with a few 14 hour duty days flying 8 or so hours. The company treats us well from what I am used to and they put us up in good hotels (Hampton, Hilton Garden, Crown Plaza ect). Seems to me that most new hires have there choice of the 8-6 or the 11-10 but they told my class that the 11-10 could be going away soon so we will see. The guys that I have heard complain so far are the people that were at corporate jobs that flew 1 or 2 legs and sat in a hotel for a few days that just aren't used to working hard. All of that aside if you can deal with last minute schedule changes and a lot of flying its a good place to be.
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