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Originally Posted by Airborne1 View Post
I wouldn't do it. Inspectors are incredible well paid but the job is really boring. I really don't have very many good things to say about the FAA are far as job enjoyment. The FAA tends to hire many people that are not qualified for their jobs simply because of veteranís preference points. So you will be surrounded by over paid, under qualified people. I was shocked to learn how many people here have little industry experience in many cases. Just like with anywhere else there are the good and poor employees.

The pay, vacation and benefits are unmatched; which is awesome.
Well.......I think that statement is awfully broad brushed myself; but it is your opinion. At least in my area of the FAA(since you didn't seem to be limiting your comments to the Inspector corps), I'd say that you are well off the mark.

To the OP, I have heard from some acquaintances working in the area in which you are inquiring and they would agree with you about the "boring part" of the job - very heavy in the paperwork areas for instance, but it could open doors for you too. I'm pretty sure though you won't be starting out at $90k though.

The FAA seems alot like many other venues. A lot of great people who work hard and do their best in tough jobs in a variety of areas. Another group of fence sitters just plodding along on a daily routine. And a small group who slipped through the cracks and we'd all be better off if they got bored enough to leave (the bottom 10%) that you'll find in almost any large (especially governmental organization)

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