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There is no difference at ATP in regards to the program except for price. If you look at the website you will see the self paced program is actually quite a bit more and you have to dedicate I think a minimum of ten days a month. I have been talking to some instructor's and they say lack of motivation on the student's part is the main reason why most students aren't happy or don't succeed. One instructor told me he literally had to force some students to read the material. I know when I was visiting JAX (CRG) that the instructors said all the students were complaining about not getting a day off and sometimes they had to force them to fly on Sunday to keep the schedule up to date. Why would you sign up for something like the ACPP than? I am speaking that a CRG both chief's force their instructor's to give ground school's when needed and when the instructor can't do it than the Chief's will do it for themselves. I never said it was going to be easy that's why 1.) I have done all my knowledge test prior to starting 2.) I have actually read the supplement front to back multiple times and have done the oral review 3.) have already came up with several ground schools and questions I already have. It's like any school in the military if you stay motivated and give it your all you'll succeed. If you lack motivation and don't want to put forth 100% effort all the time than ATP may not be for you. I know me personally need a structured program that will allow me to get my ratings fast. I don't care what they say no one can force me to take a checkride and I know personally that at JAX the instructors will not endorse a student until they know they are 100 percent ready. Again I am speaking for one location. With 26 locations theirs no way the owner and the chief pilot could possibly visit every location every day or week for that matter. I know they frequent JAX all the time since they are based out of there and that's the main reason why I chose that location in addition to actually being from Jax
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