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What atpcliff said.... I remember feeling the same sense of vague you're probably feeling right now. Don't worry, it will all get worked out. Catch the 720 shuttle from the Courtyard Marriott, you'll be staying at the Residence Inn Marriott right next door to both the Courtyard and the main Marriott. (3 Marriott complex) The shuttle will deliver you where you need to go...

If anyone wants to rent a car for a bit there is a Hertz on property in the main Marriott. I think they are there from 8 or 9 til 4:30. Mary is usually the lady working. She's really nice and will make sure you get the same discount that the airport gives Atlas pilots (it's pretty decent) and that way you can just pick the car up here at the hotel and just leave it when you're done. You don't need a car but if you split it with four guys it'll pay dividends. I rented one for three weeks and it only cost me $350 all in.

Just left the training center and they are still going full bore on planning for new hires!
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