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Originally Posted by chrisreedrules View Post
The one thing that I have noted as being a plus and maybe a little extra "foot in the door" is the response to this question: "Did you attend a 61 or 141 school"? As soon as I say a Part141, the tone of the conversation usually changes and the person on the other end of the line becomes more interested. This has happened to me numerous times.
Respectfully, I have never once heard of this happening to anyone. Nobody cares about 61 vs 141, because there are plenty of 141 programs which are no better than the average 61 operation. 141 ops can easily comply with the letter of the law without really meeting the spirit.

The only time they care where you got your training was if the institution starts with the words "United States". On the civilian side, if you attended the same aviation university as the interviewer you will probably get alumni bonus points, just like in any other career.

Originally Posted by chrisreedrules View Post
But like I said, it seems like 141 or 61 makes a difference to many chief pilots. And it might just be the difference in someone finding the elusive low-time commercial job.
The only place this might be true is if you are applying for a CFI job at a 141 school...they might prefer someone who trained under 141 so you understand some of the administrative complexities. But this would not be worth spending a HUGE amount of extra money for 141.

I usually advise avoiding 141 in favor of a carefully selected 61 school.

I have trained, instructed, managed, and hired in both 141 and 61 environments.
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