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Just to be clear, I'm not saying don't go to big name programs. I'm also not saying *to* attend big name programs. Any pro pilot hopefuls should realize that they are just prey in world full of predators (cue shiny jet advertisement.) Quite frankly, I see a lot of educational programs selling snake oil these days, as the "good" degrees and "good" jobs seem elusive, while the student debt burden far out paces inflation! This debt to income ratio is ruinous!

I went to a four year aviation program, and mostly regret it. I also feel that most of the faculty only cared about having butts in their classroom seats. Translation; they get paid. They sell the "dream" to prospective students and even with their Facebook pages, but in their classes, speaking to folks admitted in the major, these same professors talk about the starvation wages, poor QOL, etc. Why can't these institutions tell the truth to starry eyed kids and parents? I hate liars and exaggereators!

With the age of the internet, I beg prospective pilots to do lots of research and don't be afraid to put flight schools on the spot about the realities of the profession! And don't let the school roll right into the pilot shortage myth, like a well rehearsed politician.
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