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Originally Posted by FrontSeat View Post
whenever I did a trip to some wacked out piece of crap country I always carried enough cash to be able to buy commercial tickets for the crew and pax. Just enough to get us to the nearest civilized country. Most Gulfstreams have a secret place or a safe you can hide money in. Leave it in the plane and put your window locks in, lock your baggage door and use security tape.
If you are in some really awful place hire a guard to sit under the wing 24/7. I have done this at times. But you have to understand that the guard could be bought off and probably works for the criminals in some fashion. So you need to also hire a guard from a separate company to watch the guard from the first company. Paranoid? Yes, but if you are in Africa then anything goes. There are no rules and nobody from the USA govt. cares about you if you are there and have a problem.
My company has operated a GIV into various cities in the DRC. We'd bring our own 2 guys to guard the airplane over night. They would bring there own fire arms.
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