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Originally Posted by IAHB756 View Post
We have several CAL pilots who live in Europe and commute to EWR. One of the parts of the CAL contract that worked well for them was the DH/IRO pairings we have. They start their trip off with a DH(they are already in Europe) and have an extra 24 hours minimum off at home then they are the IRO Westbound. A couple live in Poland, one in Oslo, a couple in AMS and yes, I believe we have a Londoner in the ranks as well. The guys from Poland actually non-rev down to the city they need to be at early the morning of the IRO flight Westbound. They are able to then fly a trip from EWR within 24 hours after landing(usually fly another Europe trip)then commute home. Total work block of 4 days with 6 days credited due to the DH.

Do they need company permission to deviate from the pairing? If your pairing has the deadhead built into it, do you even bother telling the company you will meet the trip in Europe. I've run into this at other airlines and was curious how they handle it at UCH. (and it goes without saying that this only would work for a lineholder...not a Reserve).
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