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Originally Posted by APC225 View Post
Don't need permission, just need to tell them it's being done. It's called "fake DH" and is annotated on the schedule as such. It means you get paid for the segment even though you didn't fly it and also tells scheduler not to look for you when you don't show up for the DH segment. To be clear, the pilot TELLS the scheduler to annotate fake DH, he does ask for permission, per the contract.
To add.....
When "telling scheduling" (not asking) about the FDH, the Pilot is ONLY allowed to exercise this option on the pairing's "first", or "last" leg....nothing in the middle of the pairing. Any deviation outside the first/last leg of the pairing must be coordinated/approved with scheduling prior to doing so (ie- DH'ing to an overnight within the pairing on an earlier flight that is presently build on the current pairing).
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