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This is a shades of gray area. If you honestly feel you were aboard because you are a CFI, then log it as dual. If you are sure you would have gone anyway, then honesty requires you to log it as either safety pilot time if he was under the hood, or as nothing. An example of shades of gray could be, I had a guy some time ago hire me out of the blue to "watch him fly" a G1000 Skylane turbo he had just bought, and he wanted no log book sign off although he checked to see if I was a current CFII. After the flight I offered to sign his dual given time, but he refused plus he did not ask for instruction on anything during the flight. However, I got him out of trouble twice during the flight, once because he engaged a malfunctioning AP (it happens) and he did not notice, and another because he was going to land without clearance from tower. He might not have wanted dual in his logbook, but I sure logged it in mine. On the other hand I have pals with airplanes I could give dual in no problem, but they just want a safety pilot to shoot approaches with for free, so it's not dual given. In that case it is just safety pilot time.
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