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I'm glad the information is enlightening, its interesting to see everybody's perspective as they build and interpolate from the data with their current positions in the industry, which I think adds to its value.

I choose not to add the Cape Air ATR's in GUM, just because they were such an outlier considering size, fleet type, and location(literally). But, you are correct they are a United Express feeder.

I went ahead and broke down a comparison from the whole Regional Industry. You can see the current total market share each Regional has, as well all the percent of total market share each CodeShare network, and Aircraft Type have. You will notice something interesting with the CodeShare Network percentages, which help support a case for the US Air- American merge.

It also breaks the analysis down by fleet type to see which Regional's have the strongest position respective to fleets, which won't be any surprise to anyone. It is interesting to see the positions in the numbers.

Regional CodeShare Comparison | Audries Aircraft Analysis
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