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Default аэрофлот (Aeroflot)

Anybody else here has done some research on the above airline?

My recent search has revealed a significant expansion foreseen. The following is a snippet of the stated aircraft orders:
  • 12 A319/A320/A321 family
  • 22 A350
  • 50 B737
  • 16 B777
  • 22 B787
  • significant amount of SSJ

One can only but imagine the quantity of pilots required to fulfill the forthcoming seats in the aircraft. Yes, Aeroflot has its own aviation school but they are unable to produce the needed number of pilots per year (120 fresh pilot graduates is the current rate). A new terminal ('D' I believe) is soon to be opened at Sheremetyovo Airport solely for Aeroflot.
Recently there have been statements that the airline is willing to open its doors to foreign pilots. The changes in laws are still required though to allow this to happen. Initially I believe one had to be a Russian citizen (and of course know the Russian language). Maybe now those requirements are not necessary.

The package seems to be promising too:
  • up to 10,000 Eur a month
  • 70 days a year vacation (paid naturally)
  • good pension plans
  • family benefits
  • and so on

All that and you do get to live in a great city (I've been there a couple of times myself as a tourist).

Anybody else has any ideas related to this?

PS: please leave aside any 'funny' comments regarding the Russian way of life and culture. Every country has its own particularities, good ones and not very popular ones.
PSS: for those who are tempted to write 'comrade', please note that the Russian word for comrade is actually 'товарищ' (tavarish).
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