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QOL=Low, Morale=Low, Schedule= American pilot super-glued to a Mexican Toilet coated in feces with no passport or cell phone.

Yes, Everts is always hiring, into the Engineer Seat. Unless you have a ton of DC-9 time or are really good at kissing you know what, good luck getting awarded that seat. If you do, you'll be jumping the seniority line. The Chief pilot will most certainly tell you to come on down for the DC-9 but then out of nowhere you'll find yourself in a F.E. class, temporarily of course. The best thing I ever did was get the heck out of that place. I have several other friends who have done the same. The only thing that we all seem to regret is not leaving that dump earlier. Seriously, think long and hard before you go there. They have a history of mishaps and will throw you under the bus without thinking twice.
Good luck.
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