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Originally Posted by Captain Cargo View Post
There is always an exit door too if you choose to use it... Those low base figures get thrown around an awful lot. But there aren't many jobs that pay you like a king right out of school. And like any seniority based profession, that's how it is. Though not entirely as it should be... Just don't invest X number of years flying for Bum******* Airways, then wonder how on Earth your seniority number could get yanked out from under you when the doors close. Finding an employer who (likely) isn't going away makes a pilot's life a lot easier.
Unfortunately the exit door becomes hard to push after investing that kind of money in a degree/flight training. The "exit door" mentality is thrown around just as much as the low starting pay. The fact is many pilots are stuck in a position they can't reasonably leave even if they wanted to. Mortgage, bills, children, etc aren't paying themselves, and to leave the job at 30-50 y/o to start over again at something else is not an easy task, or a fiscally sound one either.

Moreover, those low base figures will continue to slap you in the face throughout your career if your aren't lucky. It's not just green CFI new hires that are earning pennies. I by no means am a seasoned 59 y/o Delta captain, but I have seen three airlines and three under $30k starting salaries and have chosen to not have any children yet because of it.

"Finding an employer who (likely) isn't going away makes a pilot's life a lot easier."

I'm glad you had the crystal ball here, but this is easier said than done. Plenty of legacies/majors have closed their doors in the last 15 years, even more regionals that 10 years ago looked great. Nothing is certain. Good for you if you have been one the lucky ones. But this is the reality.

I'll add the positive that I have travelled A LOT and enjoyed it. 23 countries and counting and don't regret that part at all.
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