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Originally Posted by wrxsteve View Post
some of this is way BS old news.... im interning at UAL and even with the ****ty contract negotiations going on there are many pilots I have met ( single & married ) that own vacation homes, ferraris, porsche race cars, boats, yadda yadda yadda you wouldnt believe how much crap pilots are buying and selling 24/7.... once you go through all the crap at the bottom life becomes great. Too much bs'ing, trust the people who actually deal with what is currently going on. Even at the regional level life is ok..... unless your some idiot flying for key lime....

Remember there is always going to be that 2% of pilots who B*tch and moan about everything..... they're at every airline.... trust me.
The people who you see at majors right now are part of a different generation and a different industry. They took a big hit with bankruptcies but many made some decent money before that. It is the people who got stuck at regionals for the last decade making nothing that represent the new normal.
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