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Originally Posted by Roper92 View Post
What do most pilots want? Relative seniority? DOH?
If you are on the CAL side you want relative seniority because CAL has merged with an airline that has far more widebody aircraft. So say you are at 75% from the top and 25% from the bottom. You are at an airline with 10% or less of your aircraft are widebodies. Now you merge with UAL where 35% of the aircraft are widebodies, and the result is the overall airline is 23% widebody (more than TWICE as much) and you are still 75% overall, you just got a huge bump in career expectations.

UAL guys probably ok with DOH because they have 6400+ pilots who were hired in the 1990's or before and are still active, and a bunch more pilots on furlough as well.

Neither of these will happen, but both will be looked at, because current status and longevity both play a part in them.

So its going to be weird, but guys are going to complain. There will be some United guys who don't get 10 years as a widebody CAP (maybe 7 or 8), because their new airline has a ton of guys who got put ahead of them, and maybe they get to hold narrowbody Cap a bit sooner instead. Conversely some CAL guy takes an extra year or two to get to 737 CAP (or lineholder, etc) but then at the end of his career ends up a 747 Cap or flies a widebody that he may have never flown or held a line on etc.

But one truth of this is that we can't change our ages, and we can't change the airplanes we have. So what we have is what we have, and there has to be a way for it to be fair for everyone and DOH and relative seniority don't really work.
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