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I don't know enough about the "when and how many" CAL pilots were hired to know which is best. For the bottom 1/3 of both, which is most of the posters on this forum, DOH is better for UAL, and relative is better for CAL. But that may not be the case for the upper 2/3's of each list. I don't know.

I do know DOH would come up with a "stupid" list, which is to say there would be "clumps" of pilots from one, followed by clumps from the other. From what some have said the top 1000 pilots at CAL would be at the top. Followed by 1100 at UAL as strikebreakers. UAL hired more from 95-2001 than probably the entire CAL list.

I don't know the makeup of the CAL list, plus I have an agenda. I would prefer neutrals do the dirty work, and hopefully it turns out fair for as many as possible.
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