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Default New Hire Quality of Life

So, IF I got an interview, hired, etc., my understanding is that there will be hiring into 737/756 EWR and 737/756 IAH and Guam. As for me, I live about 3 hours from IAH, and Im big on quality of life and time at home. Eventually, I think I would move closer to a base, but Id wait to see how the L-UAL bases went as far as seniority, so I could probably expect to commute the first few years. Considering that:

Is there a commuting policy?

Is EWR or IAH junior?

Where are new hires going to be placed if there are vacancies in multiple bases (is there a drop in each class)? How is seniority determined among new hires?

How quickly can you bid different bases/equipment after your new hire class? How about Guam?

Is there a long and short call reserve? How does reserve compare on the 737 v. 756 in IAH?

How long would it take to get a line, and which airplane would you bid to maximize the time spent away from home?

How do junior lines compare on the 737IAH and 756IAH?

Thanks much!
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