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Originally Posted by Cubdriver View Post
Oh boy another SIC-logging question. We specialize in those here. Rick, Wasp, and Noy are a few of our resident experts on this topic.

> Is it a single-pilot certified jet with the PIC single pilot-approved? Call out the type and model for best results.
> If it is a single-pilot certified airplane, does the PIC you are using have that particular endorsement on his type rating? Some jets can be had either or both ways. You need to ask (or look up) what status your captain is.
> Part 91 all legs, right? Part 135 is another animal.
> What does the insurance company say about it? Not the FAA law of course, but still important and often the most important thing. There may be a company- specific Part 91 OpSpec the insurance company requires.
> Is the CA an instructor of some sort?
Not an SIC logging question...

It's a question about minimum qualifications to sit in the right seat for a non-type rated FO. OP stated aircraft type is a Hawker.

Presumably this trip has passengers or cargo onboard? (As opposed to flying empty to a MX facility for an inspection?)
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