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Well said.

I used to be a mod at another popular aviation career website and quit in disgust on the direction the admins took with respect to the "anything goes" policy I saw. We wouldn't want to infringe on anyone's right to post anything they darn well please on the internet, now, would we...

What I like about this site is:

A) there is no advertising. Advertising, no matter how it's "approved", will always be seen as something that compromises the integrity of the site leadership. In other words, site owners will always protect the income stream. Whether this is true or not, it's a fair criticism to be leveled towards the site ownership. It's better to just avoid the whole thing by not accepting any ads in the first place. That's always been my advice.

B) APC admins have a higher standard in not putting up with those who cross the line. I've seen guys get banned here for stuff that would be a "yellow card" at the other site. Personally, I kinda like that. I'm not interested in having to put up with repeated assault's to what most of us consider to be the norms of online behavior. If you can't play nice, you get a warning or two, and then your done. That's how it should be.

C) this site doesn't have a Lav.

I remember when there wasn't one at the "other" site. The Lav grew out of people wanting to discuss non-aviation stuff or a place to put aviation stuff went beyond the line of normalcy. If you want to discuss non-aviation stuff, feel free to frequent another site. That's not what APC is. People say it's boring to always talk aviation. Personally, I'm not interested in Lav type discussions and I'm glad they don't have such a place as a Lav here.

That pretty much sums it up. I feel better now....
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