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Originally Posted by ToiletDuck
I'm a CFI/II now and looking at flight schools ect to work at. Do any of you know of places that offer competitive pay and benifits?
“Competitive pay and benefits” doesn’t usually mix well with flight instructing. I guess that’s why so few make it a career.

Anyway if that is a big concern I guess you should start looking at some of the colleges that are out there. However they usually hire you as a lab tech or part time for the simple reason to avoid that line “Competitive pay and benefits”. The schedule can be pretty good, but as a result you won’t fly as much. At least you should get a steady paycheck regardless of how many students you have (this how it worked at the community college I went to).

There are some good flight schools out there, but my impression is that most guys pick a job that is “close to home” so that they can “do their time” ASAP and move on!

So I if you are looking to build some time and acquire some experience, and not a career choice, I have a few pointers.
Visit the flight school on your “own time” and check it out, talk to the guys that work there.
Find out if they take care of their airplanes and their customers (the students)
If you can find a place that recruits (students) for you, it allows you to focus on what you are supposed to.

Anyway good luck with that
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