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Originally Posted by dvhighdrive88 View Post

Go find a thread about the contract please!

Back to topic , by my numbers using April 2013 fleet plan I show with these new orders 174 70 seaters and 70 76 seaters on property for 244 total by end 2015. Do I see this right as only 11 hulls off from hitting the 255 70/76 seater scope choke wall?
Actually.... for the end of the year 2013, United's 4/25/2013 Investor Update shows 32 Q400s, in addition to the 115 CRJ700s and 38 EMB170s. Thats 185 + 70 EMB175s = 255. So no more 76 seaters unless they park 70 seaters. (up to 153 of the 255 jets can be 76 seaters after Jan 2016).

UAX block hours must be </= to 120% of narrowbody block hours. This will dictate how many 50 seaters end up in the desert as the new jets arrive.

To go any higher than 255 (70+76) or more than 153 (76) after 2016, UAL has to add a new small NB to mainline and the block hour ratio declines from 120% of nb block hours by a scale of how many 76 seaters they operate.

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