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Originally Posted by jsled View Post
Actually.... for the end of the year 2013, United's 4/25/2013 Investor Update shows 32 Q400s, in addition to the 115 CRJ700s and 38 EMB170s. Thats 185 + 70 EMB175s = 255. So no more 76 seaters unless they park 70 seaters. (up to 153 of the 255 jets can be 76 seaters after Jan 2016).

UAX block hours must be </= to 120% of narrowbody block hours. This will dictate how many 50 seaters end up in the desert as the new jets arrive.

To go any higher than 255 (70+76) or more than 153 (76) after 2016, UAL has to add a new small NB to mainline and the block hour ratio declines from 120% of nb block hours by a scale of how many 76 seaters they operate.

Perfect post.

So now, the only question going forward (come 2014) is how we will keep track of the Block hours, the Hub to Hub flying, and the 900nm flying.

The company wasted no time in getting their max out of the SCOPE Section (near term). But they are unable to get required crew meals nor are they willing to address the 757-200 Crew Rest issue.


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