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Originally Posted by tigermagicjohn
I am from the UK, and just turned 36 few months ago. Have been self employed for the last 15 years, but not within the aviation business.
First off, read post above.

Originally Posted by tigermagicjohn
Finally after many years of hard work, I have managed to save up the money with my business, and I can afford the training, but the million dollar questions that always pop up are, how, where and what are my prospects!

Not going to answer because plenty of better sources on this net. Rough estimate, form 0 to job, $50,000 to $80,000. Pay to start (flying) is a big set back. Do your homework on this and other sites. Keep in mind, if you were sucessful enough to afford to learn to fly, you may be put off the pay and conditions will will likely experence on the job, beware!

Originally Posted by tigermagicjohn
Secondly they also have the J-1 visa program, to be able to work as flight instructor, however what are the odds for this happening, that one get employed as flight instructor at the school to be able to build time / hours?

I know I cant get a Visa without an employer.
I have British passport, and I am afraid the Visa lottery is to much of a lottery, tried it few times, but I dont believe in luck, prefer hard work, gives me better odds!

The reason I ask this is that I would like to build up more flight time, and I think there might be more jobs available in the US region then in Europe.
However as mentioned I would be prepared to go anywhere a plane can humanly fly if I could make my dream come true.

Good question. Email the flight schools you are looking at and ask. If your single you could get a visa the way my wife did, marry an American.

Originally Posted by tigermagicjohn
Now my most important question, is my age, I am 36, and will not be able to start flight training for another 4 - 6 months, so I will be close to 37, what are the chances that I can get a "proper decent" job starting at this age?
As I see it, I will need at least 2 years school and instructor time, this will maybe give me 1000 hours TT, but no proper job experience.
Any advice what be the better direction for me to take?

I personally think I could have enough hours probably with 7 - 8 years to be considerd as FO in a european airline, by that time I will be approx. 43 - 44, this would give me another 16 - 17 years to live my dream. This is much time to be bored in another business.

But how do I get there, how can I get the hours I need at my age. And as said before, any job anywhere! Advise please!
This a tough one. reading varous threads on this forum will give conflicting advise. All said, if its really what you want to do, than do it. Just keep in mind the sacrifce you and your family will have to make, and it may be considerable. Do your homework, make a decision, than get on with it quick if you decide to fly. Good luck!!
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