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Originally Posted by ZapBrannigan View Post
Do you think the other thread is representative of the way the pilots treat one another on the line? It has to be a difficult working environment with tensions bubbling so close to the surface.
In reading those threads you would think it was adversarial but on the line it is exactly opposite. Yes there are slam clickers but all in all the pilots here are easy to get along with. The personality type JB looks for is just that someone who gets along and has fun at work, they have done a good job finding those type of pilots. That being said there is a huge divide in the pilot group on representation but the discussions are far more civilized then what is being displayed on this forum. Yes we are underpaid and under compensated by at least 28% but most of the pilots are either looking for jobs elswhere or don't care about representation anymore. IMHO apathy appears to have set in among most of the other CBA supports that I know. It is a good place to work hopefully management will realize that guys/girls are leaving and up the compensation to keep the pilot group here.
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